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The building has 10 floors, each floor has 4 units and   11-th floor is penthouse.
  Each block has a lobby with three apartments, a suite and a hall for gatherings and receptions.
  Each block has two floors for parking with 80 cars capacity.
  It has emergency electricity for lifts and for corridor lights and there are water tanks for all the apartments.
  It has the view of Ararat mountains and Yerevan city.

  lobby information:

3 units one bedroom
with balcony 87x10
no balcony 68x10
1 unit two bedrooms with balcony 121x80

The lobby it self is 321 meters with suite , office and gathering hall

  Floor information:
Each floor has 4 apartments.
88 meters with balcony
116 meters with balcony
147 meters with balcony
171 meters with balcony
70 meters corridor

 The building's facade is made of dark and light cream colored Douf stones.

Site plan layout & roof plan
First basement plan
2nd basement plan
Ground floor plan layout
Ground floor plan of block A Ground floor plan of block B
Ground floor arrangement(blockA)
Ground floor arrangement(blockB)
Typical floor apartment layout
Typical floor plan
Typical floor arrangement
Penthouse first floor plan
Penthouse 2nd floor plan
Penthouse plan layout first floor
Penthouse plan layout 2nd floor
Penthouse arrengement(first floor)
Penthouse arrengement(2nd floor)


Construction Authorization
Architectaral planing proposal

Other pictures

East elevation & section
North elevation
South elevation
Building 3D picture#1
Building 3D picture#2
Building 3D picture#3
Building 3D picture#4

Building 3D picture#5
Building 3D picture#6
Building 3D picture#7
Building 3D picture#8
Building 3D picture#9

Download Building 3D Perspective:
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